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Package Categories

Add-Ons ( 191 )

Add-ons extend your Plone site with additional functionality via the normal add-on system. Third-party add-ons are not part of Plone core.

Core ( 135 )

Components that are part of Plone Core.

Frameworks ( 6 )

A framework is a set of packages or a system for assembling a set of packages. Example: Dexterity.

Other ( 9 )

These are for things like buildout scripts and other utilities.

Projects ( 4 )

This is for individual projects such as and other open source sites.

Themes ( 21 )

Change the look and feel of your site with a Plone theme!

random 5

0usersplone.formwidget.autocomplete None
0usersProducts.PlonePAS None
0userscollective.contentlicensing None
1userstinymce TinyMCE integration for Plone

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PloneFormGen add on for Plone

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0usersftw.pdfgenerator A library for generating PDF representations of Plone objects with LaTeX.
0usersplonetheme.plumigreen Diazo theme for Plone
0userscollective.blueprint.wikipedia importing wikipedia articles into plone (using collective.transmogrifier)

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Our Django Book Has Launched!

The maintainers of Django Packages, Audrey and Daniel, wrote a book on Django! It's called Two Scoops of Django: Best Practices for Django 1.5, and you can buy it right now in e-book (PDF) form on the website:
Django, like any framework, has tips ...